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In a World Where 98% of Online Money-Making Opportunities Are Scams:Complete newbies are legally making as much as N300k a month using their smart phones plus a new & simple money-making technique called the…AFFILIATE MARKETING ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME!

What's Expertnaire? Expertnaire is an online marketplace that sells DIGITAL products that other people other than Affiliates created. And these products don’t have stock.That is to say, these products can’t finish because they’re DIGITAL (E-books, Videos)Examples of such products: How to relocate to Canada even with a low IELTs score, Viral YouTube Monetization, Natural Weight Loss, Pain-free Childbirth, Real Estate marketing secrets, Copywriting course, Freelancing, Facebook & Google Ads course and so so many more…And these are products that people are looking for solution to.All these different products have their specific sale commission.That is to say: a product on weight loss may pay you as much as 50% while a product on “make money” can pay you as much as 40%.So we the affiliates can sell as much as we want and make as much as we can.Again, this is an automated system that once you record a sale, you get paid automatically because the system has been setup to pay you a certain commission for any successful sale!This system of making money online selling other people’s products is called AFFILIATE MARKETING.

How It Simply Works?I select a product of choice from my dashboard.And by implementing the training I got from the AMAP Course, I will recommend this product to people who need it.If this person buys it, I get paid N25,000 (assuming that’s my commission)So if I want to make N250,000 per month, I have to sell 10 of this product.To make 500k a month, I’ve to sell just 20.And remember these products no dey finish.So I can just keep selling and keep earning

Why This Course On Affiliate Marketing?The major way an affiliate marketer makes money is when he/she records a sale.So, in a case you don’t have any idea at all on how to reach people who gonna buy, how will a sale be made?At this point, one may start saying the business isn’t working because no sale is coming.This particular barrier is what we’re solving with the AMAP Course on Expertnaire Affiliate marketing program.We don’t just allow you become an affiliate, we’re interested in seeing you succeed hence why a training is provided for you.With this training, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE for you not to record a sale. Even in your first week of implementation.I’ve gone through it. So I know what I’m talking about.

What You're Getting From The Course:✅ You will be learning how to make use of your WhatsApp to grow your business and drive massive sales daily. This will be achieved with the AMAP WhatsApp Income Generator.✅ You shall be learning how to sell with email marketing, advanced methods and strategies on selling with Facebook, Instagram.PLUS over 7,000 CONFIRMED buyers lists to help you sell faster.✅ You will be learning how to install WordPress and Thrive architect and further, how to design a landing page using a website page builder called Thrive Architect.With this, you can even design a page for your current business.✅ You are getting a done for you WhatsApp Income campaign for 3 hot selling products on Expertnaire to help you start making money as fast as possible.✅ You are getting (FOR FREE) Toyin Omotoso's Twitter Money Blueprint which gives you tons of free organic traffic to your WhatsApp. (Toyin is selling this for N25,000)✅ If you already use Facebook to sell your products, You shall be learning what to do if Facebook bans your account.✅ And you will also be getting access to a 3-hour weekly online support class where we will also be helping you tackle any of the challenges you might have. (Value - Priceless)🥳 And many more…

What This Is Not:This is not MLM
This is Not Ponzi Scheme
This is Not a Job
All You Need Include:Your smartphone and a good internet connection
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